ALSO: Your Concrete Pump Company in Sydney

September 8th, 2017 / also / ALSO Pumping

A concrete pump company in Sydney must contend with a variety of difficulties affecting our craft. The climate, the humidity, and the worksite itself can conspire to make our trade a tricky one. And this reality is augmented by the nature of our work: concrete pads must be created in one seamless pour. Why is this?

First, concrete settles and dries as it is laid out, and one solid pour means our finished product is consistent. The concrete is solid and lacks any edges or divides, and is well-knitted to itself, with no weak points. This means that the pad is waterproof, and the structure on top of it doesn’t need to be concerned about issues such as moisture, leakage, or rising damp.

Secondly, a building site must stick to a particular schedule. When a site has reached the point that it is ready for a base to be poured, almost every other element of site preparation must be put on hold. Ensuring that the rest of the project moves forward as planned means pouring must occur in a timely fashion, as no other meaningful tasks can be accomplished during this period. A seamless, one-day pour makes sense in the overall schedule.

Finally, laying concrete is a vital first step for a long-term building project. It’s successful completion lays a foundation in more than the literal sense, as remediation work to rectify a poor job, once the structure has begun to progress, is hugely painful. It is a job that is worth doing properly, the very first time.

And at Also Pumping, this is exactly what we provide. Contact ALSO Pumping today and engage Sydney’s most trusted concrete pump company.