Cement vs. Concrete | Concrete Pumping Services in Sydney

August 29th, 2018 / also / ALSO Pumping

The world of construction, it can seem sometimes, speaks it’s own language. There are more than a few euphemisms being thrown about on worksites, and to the layman, it can become more than a bit confusing.

But there is one subject where confusion reigns, even among the so-called experts – and that is the separate status of cement and concrete. These two substances are actually very different, and these differences are reflected by their separate uses and applications. Sydney’s concrete pumping services would be remiss if we didn’t educate our clients on these differences.

So what are they?


Cement is a paste, typically made from limestone. It is created by combining limestone and clay in a kiln, forming a substance called clinker, grinding the clinker to a paste, and adding 2-3% of gypsum. It’s recipe was perfected in the 1840s, and was named after the British island of Portland, where the pale limestone was quarried.

Cement serves as the active ingredient in a huge host of building materials, including concrete. As it is widely available globally, it is among the world’s most common building materials, and has been brought to use on many hundreds of famous landmarks.


Concrete consists of two basic parts: paste and aggregate. The paste is the aforementioned concrete, which coats the outside of the aggregate and binds it together, as the entire mixture settles.

Using aggregate in this manner allows one to gain considerable volume, without noticeably sacrificing the strength or toughness of the surface. Over time, the entire structure of the concrete actually continues to harden – and some ancient concretes have been noted to have gained the consistency of the hardest rocks, over the course of several hundred years.

At ALSO Pumping, we are always sure to get our mixtures right, in compliance with federal regulations, and in order to ensure that your finished product is tough and ready for a lifetime (or several) of honest work. For more information on how we can help you – even on short notice – contact one of Sydney’s finest concrete pumping companies, at ALSO Pumping.