Concrete Pumping Companies in Sydney | The Change of Seasons

March 28th, 2018 / also / ALSO Pumping

As Sydney moves in to the autumn months, many locals are not unhappy with the notion of some cooler afternoons. But the beginning of the cooler season also reminds us that our methods also must be adjusted, to ensure that premium concrete pumping companies in Sydney, like ALSO Pumping, retain the high quality that we have become known for.

Sydney temperatures don’t drop to the brutal cold seen elsewhere, but nevertheless, certain elements of the process must be altered during those cooler days.

A Low Slump Ratio

In colder weather, it is important that the cement have a lower ‘slump’ ratio, or water-to-cement mix ratio. This vital measure indicates the workability, or viscosity, of the cement. In cooler temperatures, the hydration reaction in concrete tends to be slower. To gain the proper strength to the settled concrete, while retaining functional pouring, less water means an easier job in the cold.

Bring the Heat

Elsewhere, or at high altitudes in the Australian Alps, frozen ground serves as a major issue for laying concrete. Because it thaws unevenly, it is difficult to predict thicknesses, and the added moisture can ruin an otherwise delicately-measured slump ratio. In these cases, enclosures and heaters are employed to thaw the ground beforehand.

These same heaters are then also used to maintain an even temperature on the poured concrete, for the first week or so, while it sets, whenever the temperature is below roughly 10 degrees. This is done to ensure the strength of the pad, and a uniform thickness and toughness, is the end result.


Certain additives can help the concrete to cure more evenly and properly. However, this comes with a drawback, as calcium and chlorine-based additives will contribute strongly to the oxidation, or rusting, or any steel rebar inserted in to the pad – something that is very commonly found in foundations.

Concrete pumping companies in Sydney must face these difficulties as the seasons change, but adaptation keeps us fresh, and every job site visited by ALSO Pumping will get a fresh appraisal to ensure they receive the very best end result.

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