Concrete Pumping Services for Sydney

February 1st, 2018 / also / ALSO Pumping

Without a doubt, providing concrete pumping services in Sydney is a delicate affair. You are operating on a deadline, but you must finesse the process, or risk a half-baked job. At ALSO Pumping, we feel we are among the very best at providing premium work, even at short notice, with a staff of dedicated professionals and the finest equipment to be found anywhere.

With that said, we aren’t entirely sure if we could match the calm demeanour and courage-under-fire that Jay Ayoub demonstrated a few short weeks ago, while on the job.

In the midst of a pouring job, Jay was standing in the midst of his trade, when he felt something crawling on his arm. When he looked over, he discovered that he wasn’t wrong. But rather than a blowfly, Jay found himself looking at a fully-grown tarantula, a species whose body can reach up to six centimetres in length, with fangs over a centimetre long. That’s the same size as those on a brown snake.

But did Jay hesitate? Did the job suffer due to his sudden visitor? Not a bit. He calmly reached over and grasped the arachnid from behind, in the same way that one might do a crab or a yabbie. The creature was quickly returned to the nearest bushy area, and they carried on. The pad was completely in its entirety, and another job well done was in the books for Jay Ayoub. Well done mate, well done.