Concrete Pumping Services Sydney and the Value of Good Maintenance

February 14th, 2018 / also / ALSO Pumping

Concrete pumping services in Sydney, as in so many areas of life, are privy to the old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Ensuring that your equipment and gear is in top condition can save you a wide variety of headaches at the end of the day, and at ALSO Pumping, we know the value of reliable kit – especially under the tight timelines that we often operate under.

It may not be altogether pleasant work, but keeping gear in top working order is absolutely key to having faith in it. Working with a product as viscous as concrete, which settles and hardens quickly, means keeping all of your hoses and pumps clean. You must know your gear inside and out, and taking the time to clean it all out after a job makes it far easier than doing so the next day.

At ALSO Pumping, cleaning the gear after each use ensures that we can avoid premature wear, a buildup of product in problematic areas, and allows us to inspect and perform routine maintenance. Cup seals, poly packs, the wear plate, and wear rings are common areas that demand a solid inspection. While in operation, it is also important to stay aware of the state of grease points, in particular, amongst all of your hydraulics, checking them each hour.

Along with these trouble spots, some pumps will operate with a rubber pumping tube, in particular for lower-pressure pumping jobs, involving less product or more delicate work. These hoses must be inspected regularly for cracking, and should not be exposed to an excessive amount of sunlight over the course of the year.

By and large, the most difficult aspect is actually doing it, especially after a long day manning the pumps. But it is the only way of ensuring that your gear will get you through those long days. As one of Sydney’s premier concrete pumping services, we make sure to follow these guidelines, to make sure we are never let down on a job.