Good Vibrations from your Concrete Pumping Company in Sydney

February 1st, 2018 / also / ALSO Pumping

As your concrete pumping company in Sydney, we are tasked with providing a perfect job, every time. Our wealth of experience, and our equipment, are the tools that allows us to accomplish this. But doing so is a multi-faceted affair, and one of the most important aspects of laying concrete is the vibration phase.

As porous as wet concrete is, it can still harbour bubbles, and open spaces, once it has been poured. Left untreated, these bubbles can encourage weak spots and cracks in the concrete, and weaken the overall strength and the aesthetic of the job. So how can you treat them?

Before the concrete has fully dried, it must be vibrated. This shaking action actively liquefies the concrete, reducing the internal friction within it, and encourages it to settle to its full potential. Any air bubbles rise to the surface of the concrete, and the pad is a more cohesive whole.

In the absence of a solid shaking and shimmying, the concrete can develop a number of internal nooks and crannies, which can compromise the pad as a whole. Shaking also brings more of the liquid to the surface of the pad, making it easier to finish, or ‘float’.

Only after this step is taken care can we smooth and flatten the pad. There are a variety of steps involved in producing a flawless concrete pad, and vibrating it is as vital as any of them. For more information on how ALSO Pumping lays perfect pads every time, contact us today!