Line Pumps vs Boom Pumps: Your Concrete Pump Company in Sydney at ALSO Pumping

August 29th, 2018 / also / ALSO Pumping

As your concrete pump company in Sydney, ALSO Pumping doesn’t rest on its laurels. We are constantly looking to update and improve our services, because what they say is true – as tough as it is to become number one, staying there is even tougher.

As part of our services, we have seen fit to invest in a tool that we believe will help our service offering to expand in to new areas. Recently, we have invested in a state-of-the-art line pump, to better improve upon our abilities to cover all concrete pumping needs that we might be called upon to service.

But what, pray tell, is the difference between a line pumps and our existing boom pump?


Our existing truck-based concrete boom pumps bring the pressure, the capacity, and the capability to handle the largest concrete pouring gigs in the city. Because larger concrete pads must be poured in one continuous go, we put this truck to use on jobs that require larger overall amounts of the substance.

However, not all jobs are created equally, and smaller gigs might not require the services of the larger boom pump. Or, it might be too difficult for it to access the site. Line pumps, which are smaller overall and typically operate from a trailer, can be brought to bear in far smaller spaces. This mobility helps us to help out any contractor operating in smaller spaces, or maintain a cost-effective practice when working on smaller jobs.

However, the same care, and our trademark attention to detail, continues with this new equipment. ALSO Pumping intends to continue to be the go-to among Sydney’s concrete pumping companies, and our new line pump will help our service to stay on top.

For all your concrete pumping needs in Sydney or the surrounding region, we are ready to help you – even on short notice. Contact us today.